Vicky Blanken

Blanken Care Ltd

Vicky qualified with an MA Hons in German & Russian from St Andrews University and trained as a German/French teacher, before marrying into the RAF, then accidentally stumbling into the world of reusable nappies and continence wear.

She founded Blanken Care’s sister company, Snuggleblanks, in 2011 when her larger than average, as then undiagnosed ASD daughter outgrew all reusable nappies on the market. With two children under 2, unable to afford, and reluctant to use disposables, she set about learning to sew, and developed a larger, more absorbent washable nappy using the limited materials available to her, namely old cot sheets, t-shirts and fleece blankets.

Speaking to online friends, she soon realised there was a gap in the market for larger washable nappies and it wasn’t long before she was contacted to assist with clinical trials to find suitable continence wear for prostate cancer sufferers (the findings of which are due to be published mid 2017).

Vicky founded Blanken Care in 2015. Geared towards the adult and disability market, it now offers a full range of reusable continence wear from pads to high capacity slips.

She resides in Lancashire with husband, three kids, three cats and her beloved violin!

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Continence Care - The Real Picture

With an ageing population and a modern healthcare system that identifies and treats more and more illnesses, continence care is increasingly a topic for consideration, for old and young. This seminar will give an interesting insight into why we started out and why we’re still doing this 6 years on. Many factors come into play when considering what nappies or continence wear to choose - practicality, efficacy, cost, environmental impact, comfort. We will look at the changing trends, needs and expectations in our modern, throwaway, ‘need it now’ society and what we hope to see for the future of continence care.