The Hon. William Beckett

Hip Impact Protection Ltd.

William Beckett was in the computer, communications and multimedia business for 40 years before starting this business to provide hip protectors in late 2009 after a number of relatives had suffered hip fractures.

He designed, programmed and marketed health administration systems to hospitals in the 1970s. Following that, he designed and marketed the very first commercial e-mail systems in 1980 working for a minicomputer company in the City.

In the 1990s he produced at Virgin the first educational multimedia systems in the UK and while there he also produced the first digital world map database. With a partner from MIT Media Lab, he produced a virtual travel website on the Taj Mahal in 2000 – and many other high quality travel and commercial virtual travel websites, whilst running a company called Armchair Travel.

This finished when Google launched Streetview. The programmes are still visible on

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Fall-Safe Assist – wearable technology to prevent falls and fractures

How to reduce the number of falls and fractures for the elderly since approximately a third of all NHS resources are devoted to them? “Multifactorial Interventions” have been tried and failed and many research initiatives likewise. It appears that only an effective and comfortable wearable technology linked to a mobile or hub can provide the answer. This seminar looks at all the options and identifies a possible cost effective approach.