Sonja Waara-Conway, BSc, Cert E, MA

Conway Partnership    

After an international career of 28years in Education and Finance in various developing countries Sonja moved to UK where she founded Nordic Care Services which she sold in 2007. She represented Etic AB, Dolomite AB, Romaic AB and later also Handcar AB. Sonja introduced several new Scandinavian products to the British market and contributed to product development within those organisations.

Sonja’s focus was always to address equally the importance of the cost-­‐benefit of effective assistive technology solutions for the user, carer and the provider of services alike.

Sonja’s interest was always to educate staff and improve working environments and she authored numerous CPD accredited training modules in Patient Handling.

Although well passed normal retirement age she continues with a passionate interest in advancing assistive technology innovations.

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The Cost-Benefit of Current Innovative Assistive Technology  

The presentation will discuss the extend to which the focus on cost and labour saving approaches to Patient Handling have stimulated the development of innovative technology solutions. Much of the emphasis has been concentrated on care at home as distinct from institutional care.