Shaun Gash

Moments of Inspiration

A road traffic accident left Shaun wheelchair bound and completely paralysed from his chest (T5/6) changing his life forever! From a tragic situation Shaun turned this into something which has made him who he is. Overcoming adversity and both physical and emotional obstacles, Shaun has become an inspiration to many who know him and those who have met him both personally and professionally.

From leading discussions at Lancaster University to inspiring children and young people to have positive attitudes, Shaun is versatile to meet the needs of the audience and the situations he finds himself in.

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No Fear on Wheels

Taking a wheelchair on an adventure and overcoming the obstacles and challenges which are confronted. Shaun will share his experiences and motivation from pushing up Mount Kilimanjaro to completing over 100 KM of Obstacle Course Racing and Sky Diving at 15000 feet. He is the first wheelchair adaptive athlete to compete and complete in 2 UK OCR Championships. He will share his future plans of completing a wheelchair push Guinness World Record attempt from Lands End to John o Groats next year and other challenges.