Scott Sherriden

The Care Hub

Scott created the Care Hub in 2016 to help address the growing skills and labour gap that currently threatens the UK Care sector.

After a chance meeting with the MD of Westward Care (Peter Hodkinson), Scott was invited to spend some time with the Registered Managers to see what it’s really like to try and recruit staff for a busy care home in a highly competitive area.

After his time with Westward Care, Scott met other providers and found the challenges were virtually the same everywhere. High staff turnover, can’t find enough staff, no real systems or processes to recruit effectively. No one to help, support or advise.

Scott’s background in training, software and recruitment has enabled him to develop a sector specific solution the ensures Care providers, regardless of size, can move away from using expensive staffing agencies and towards a direct sourcing model that puts talent first.

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How to drive down agency spend and source talent directly

The purpose of this session is to help care providers drive down their recruitment agency costs and build talent pipelines that enable them to source, attract, engage and hire the talent needed to deliver outstanding care