Sarah Clayton

Simple Stuff Works Associates Ltd

Sarah is a Biology graduate and fully qualified teacher. She started working with families whose children were using night time positioning in 1998, and this work ignited a passion that has led to almost 20 years of work in this field.

In September 2007 Sarah’s daughter Abigail was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour aged 6.

Abi is currently preparing for the move from school to college and continues to do well with lots of additional support.

Sarah currently leads a group of passionate, skilled and experienced people to develop training materials and equipment to support the use of therapeutic night positioning at Simple Stuff Works.

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Supporting people in lying – practical solutions to common difficulties

During this practical session, Sarah will explore the reasons why people adopt destructive positions at night time. Consideration will be given to the long term impact of these destructive postures and the associated difficulties which may arise from them. Time during the session will be spent looking at practical ways in which people can be supported in less destructive and even corrective postures. She will use a range of equipment and will look at supporting people on their back, side and front. Attendees will gain an insight into the potentially harmful effects of destructive lying postures but also have an opportunity to try supporting lying for themselves and to problem solve some common sense, comfortable solutions.