Robert Åström

Raisoft Ltd

Robert Åström is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the founders of Oy Raisoft Ltd, a company specialising in the development of solutions for interRAI instruments. Mr Åström has a history of providing software solutions in the public and private sector for over 25 years. Before founding Raisoft in 2000, he worked in Canada for five years (1991–1996).

In his current position, since 2000, the focus has been on implementation of interRAI solutions in Long Term Care, Home Care, Screening (Contact Assessment), Mental Health, Acute Care and Post-Acute Care settings. Mr Åström is also active as a board member in many non-profit care organisations.

Robert Åström is a baritone playing, football loving family man, whose most important principle is KVÖT – kärlek, visdom, ödmjukhet & tålamod. Which translates to LWHP – Love, Wisdom, Humility and Patience.

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For People, by People – An Individual Centred Approach to Care

Dementia care as well as old-age care should always be first and foremost for the benefit of the person themselves. InterRAI tools are developed to put the person in the centre, focussing on their needs and abilities. Data collected can also on an aggregate level be use for resource planning and costing. However, the bottom line is always that care is for people and provided by people.