Robert McLaren


Robert McLaren specialises in policy analysis and the communication of best practice in higher education disability enablement.

He is Policy Officer for Diversity and Ability. At the beginning of this academic year, he was elected as Assistive Technology Officer for the Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education.

He is also a member of the AT Network’s Steering Group, and the British Computer Society’s Digital Accessibility Specialist Group. Robert has written for publications including Wonkhe and Dyslexia Review.

Robert will be speaking alongside Adam Hyland.

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How Disabled Students Make Their Technology Assistive

No technology is assistive if its left unused; and any kind of technology can be assistive if disabled learners use it to overcome barriers to access. This talk explains the key factors that determine whether a student makes assistive use of their technology. We draw on our own experience as end users, and our experience engaging students in their own journey of enablement