Richard Chan

EziCare Tech AS

Richard is a retired engineer living in Norway. He graduated from London University. He worked in many countries in Europe and the Far East. He has over 40 years of experience in the telecommunications industry with large multinational companies like ITT, Alcatel and Thales (Military communications).

His experience ranges from research and development, marketing, sales and administration. His passion has been to apply technology to create assistive devices. In the late 1970s to early 80s he co-designed and manufactured the VisTel (Visual Telephone – UK) for the deaf. Since 2011, he has been researching the use of the smartphone for a better quality of life for his peers. The focus is on alleviating isolation and loneliness.

Peace of mind and inclusion: assistive smartphone accessory.

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Peace of mind and inclusion: assistive smartphone accessory

The EziSmart solution is about peace of mind for users and carers. It brings inclusion without stigmatisation. Loneliness, isolation and anxiety of living alone create stress with many consequential negative effects. To combat that face to face interaction is best. In its absence, the smartphone is a good inclusive surrogate. In addition, smartphones bring huge benefits with the many social and welfare apps. The EziSmart App is for people who are daunted by smartphone complexities. It simplifies the smartphone, provides safety and security. It gives a much needed freedom of choice. It is a tool to ease migration from feature phones to smartphones. The Ezi-PAD is for people who have lost the ability to use the ubiquitous screen keyboard. It is an assistive tool for people with large fingers, poor motor function and people with vision impairment. Innovative and unique. There is much more, come see how we do it.