Peter Davies


Peter Davies has been working with Ropox products and been involved in designing kitchens for people with disabilities for over 30 years.

Ropox are a Danish manufacturer of flexible assistive devices for the home which look great while improving the daily activities of individuals and carers.

Peter will also be speaking about How to utilise bathroom space in Theatre 3 on Wednesday 29th at 11.45am

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Designing Kitchens for People with Disabilities

This CPD will Open minds to the potential needs and limitations of people with disabilities regarding movement, reach and space in the kitchen. Discuss room designs and features that can promote independence and dignity for individuals. Look at the use of a more flexible environment to establish good working conditions for carers. Refer to BS8300 and Part M and past Ropox projects. The presentation should interest therapists or designers involved in projects like Special Needs Schools, Close Care Housing, University Halls of Residence, Hospitals, Hospices or Home Adaptations.