Paul Doyle

Hereward College

Paul Doyle has been engaged in the field of Assistive Technology in a variety of operational and strategic roles since 1995. He currently manages a team of DSA assessors at the Access Centre at Hereward College.

Paul also leads a team of researchers undertaking projects in and around the field of assistive technology, with diverse objectives including; developing assistive robotics, 3D Printing bespoke assistive technologies, capturing the user experience of innovations in AT and workforce development projects supporting the assessment and installation of telecare based assistive technologies.

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Should smart home technologies support people with assisted living needs?

Hereward College has a proven track record of using commercially available home automation technologies to create accessible living spaces for students with complex disabilities. This talk will identify the key stakeholders who will play an integral role in the development of a commercial offer based on the approach adopted at Hereward and aim to raise an awareness of this paradigm amongst said key stakeholders, This talk will also identify issues (both positive and negative) arising from an increasing awareness in the smart home installer community that assisted living and consequently access to the “Purple Pound” represents an underdeveloped and hitherto untapped market. It will aim to identify possible barriers to development (including education, training and workforce development), and ask what would be the consequences of the market here and in the US developing in an unregulated and ad hoc manner?