Neil Milliken


Neil Milliken is Head of Accessibility & Inclusion at Atos where his role is to help make the world a better place by delivering better technology for their customers and staff, embedding inclusive practice into the Business As Usual Processes of organisations with thousands of employees and turnovers numbering in billions.

He created the Atos Centre of Competence encompassing Accessibility, Inclusive Design and Assistive Technology Services. This team now services multiple accounts and delivers best practice, support and consultancy for the organisation.

Neil delivers strategy and services working with a wide range of clients internally and externally helping them to develop policies, processes and technology solutions to meet the needs of their staff and customers. These clients include: BBC, Department of Health, Ministry of Justice, Insolvency Service, and NHS.

He is the Atos representative on the Business Disability Forum Technology Task Force

Neil is also an invited expert and contributor to theW3C Cognitive Accessibility Taskforce & member of the Atos Scientific Community.

He is co-founder of AXSChat Europe’s largest twitter chat with a focus on Accessibility & Inclusion.

Previously he worked at Iansyst one of the largest providers of Integrated Assistive Technology Solutions in the UK.

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AT, Accessibility & Big Business: Where Are We Now & Where Are We Going.

Neil will outline some of the challenges of delivering accessibility and assistive technology in large corporate environments, illustrate some of the approaches that have produced positive results. Describe the journey that needs to be undertaken from first recognising the need to deliver a strategic approach to access and inclusion through to organisational maturity. He will then explore the potential of emergent technologies to increase inclusion as well as the potential pitfalls that may come from rapid adoption of new technologies and ways of working that have not taken accessibility into account.