Natasha Lambert introduced by Tracey Clarke-Sullivan, Trustee of Natashas Charity

MissIsle Sip-Puff Sailing School

Natasha has athertoid cerebral palsy, Natasha uses a wheelchair and a walker daily. Now 19 Natasha is a normal fun loving teenager with lots of dreams and ambitions. Natasha started sailing at the age of 9 on a family holiday and since then it has developed to be a big part of her life because of the freedom, excitement and the social aspect as well as other opportunites it has opened up. Natasha has used her sailing to enable her to funraise for local and National charities, and now helping run The MissIsle School of sip-puff sailing in order to help others with similar needs achieve the same

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Sailing by breath!

Natasha is 19 - with a passion for sailing and adventure. She’s been sailing for over ten years and she does it in a unique way. Her athetoid cerebral palsy means she has limited control of her movements and she uses a wheelchair. But, on the water, Natasha is in control - she uses a specially designed helmet with a straw inside. This means she can sip and puff to change the sails and the direction of the boat. Natasha relishes a challenge – she’s sailed around the Isle of Wight, across the Channel, from Cowes to Swansea and from Cowes to St Katherine’s Dock on the Thames. To give other young people like Natasha the chance to enjoy the freedom of sailing Natasha and her family started the Miss Isle School of Sip Puff Sailing in 2014. With the assistance of Trustee Tracey Clarke-Sullivan Natasha will tell you about her exploits and tell you more about the charity which makes it possible for others to share her passion for adventure on and off the water.