Mr. Jan A. Beckers

NEC NurseCall

Mr. Beckers has been on the road in the EMEA-Region since 2001. Since 2009 he has been active in setting up the international commercialisation of the unique Full-IP nursecall solutions, named iCall (Made in Belgium). Today, iCall is installed in over 20 countries worldwide and is still the only nursecall that can be tagged as ‘Full-IP’.

Strategic and Application Partnerships with several major players on the global market, such as Aeroscout (Stanley), NewVoice (MobiCall/MobiBox), TeleAlarm (Bosch), Tyco (Johnson Controls) and Zenitel/Stentofon.
Awarded with the 2017 Born Global Export Price.

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Unique Full-IP nursecall for building and renovating of Care & Cure facilities

Presentation of iCall, unique Full-IP nursecall solutions in combination with different telephony and wireless solutions. Fitting options for new building, with focus on renovations and recuperation of installed base (Cabling, infrastructure, alarm & messaging solutions, a.o.). NEC telephony & nursecall solutions, offering a vast variety of tailor-made solutions for Care & Cure.