Mike Fuhrmann


Mike Fuhrmann is a German marketing expert and a multiple award-winning filmmaker who is passionate about making the world a better place. Besides his broad expertise in strategy and creating brand experiences that connect with people, he has a deep passion for storytelling to tear down silos and raise awareness of social topics.

For Hocoma, Mike leads the Marketing and Communications Department and starts the dialogue between the manufacturing industry, medical experts, patients, politicians, insurances and patient organisations to establish the foundation for advanced rehabilitation.

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The future of rehabilitation - intense and affordable?

Intensive neurorehabilitation is currently the only treatment that has proven effectiveness in enhancing patient outcome after neurological injury. However treatment time and intensity during rehabilitation is rather limited. Therefore patients do not reach their full potential. Efficient settings with the help of new technologies allow clinics to provide more intensive training with the same amount of internal resources. This will reduce their costs short and long term, which also helps to reduce cost for insurance companies. These reduced costs and objective progress measurements could justify an investment of insurance companies into intensive therapy with new technologies.