Mika Torhola

Atostek Ltd.

Mika Torhola holds an M.Sc. in computer science and has 16 years of experience in medical and healthcare software.

He has been the Managing Director of Atostek since 2013 and the primus motor in developing Atostek’s Recibus service.

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Story from Finland: National Health Record and nation wide electronic prescription

Finland has recently adopted a nation wide electronic prescription, which became mandatory 1.1.2017 for all physicians and healthcare organisations. Simultaneously, a national health record is being taken into use and it’s completely changing the healthcare IT infrastructure in Finland. NHR is making new innovations possible, and new public EHR investments are built on top of the NHR instead of them being standalone systems as before. This presentation provides a glimpse into the Finland’s current situation and shows some use cases which benefit from the new model. Atostek’s Recibus solution is being used as a demonstration tool: www.recibus.com.