Melanie Sturman

Norfolk County Council

Melanie is a registered nurse who graduated in 2008 with an MSc in Back Care Management. Melanie has over 15 years of experience working as a Moving and Handling Consultant with specialist interest in falls management, elderly care, dementia care and plus size handling.

Melanie regularly presents at national and international events and is a member of the National Back Exchange and Loughborough Alumni Patient Handling Group. Melanie is a co-author in the Handling of People 6th Edition and has written for several health and social care journals.

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Supporting Individuals who have Dementia and behavioural distress

Over 800,000 people are diagnosed with dementia. Supporting individuals with dementia can be complex and challenging for anyone in health and social care. Do we call behaviour challenging or is it a form of communication or distress? This session explores the reasons for behaviour and distress. Delegates will learn how to observe for antecedents and behaviours and be able to plan safe person centred care.