Matthew Warnes


CEO of a number of Smart Home Technology companies, Matthew set up ATEL following his own personal experience of trying to find the right technology to enable him to live his life as easily as possible while in his own home.

After losing both his legs at the age of 24, Matthew experienced first-hand what little was available and knew more needed to be done to help others in the same situation. After traveling the world looking for the right products, Matthew came across GrandCare and knew instantly that the system would allow individuals to live more independently, while improving outcomes, bringing peace of mind for carers ad helping to save costs across the board.

Using GrandCare as the central piece of kit, Matthew has gone on to source like-minded products that move the industry away from reactive technology to proactive and preventative that empower individuals.

Continuing on his mission, Matthew will continue to work with local authorities and care providers and end-users over the next year, to promote that there is now another option open to them, one that positively impacts all those involved.

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GrandCare: empowering individual’s in their everyday lives

As a company who is trying to shift assistive technology away from traditional kit (fall detectors etc), our talk would centre on how technology should in fact focus on helping individuals to proactively manage their lives and day-to-day tasks. We’d highlight what kind of features that are able to do this, and the affect it would have on the various parties around the individual – carers, family members and LA’s. The key piece of technology would be GrandCare, which has a multitude of different functions including health devices/readings, social interaction, care plans, scheduling for medication, eating and drinking etc, as well as the ability to alert carers if unusual activity is taking place. All this links into the idea that technology can help people to carry out tasks for themselves e.g. remember to take medication. With a GrandCare pilot study currently underway, initial findings could be highlighted if available for the Naidex event. To finish, we’d highlight where technology like this is heading e.g. integration with other technology (Vitalerter) for a complete solution and one that continue to help people down the path of independence and empowerment.