Klaus Lohmann

German National Tourist Office

Klaus Lohmann joined the German National Tourist Office (GNTO) in 2009 as Director for the UK and Ireland.
Klaus worked with a variety of major German cruise lines and tourism offices in the past including Hapag-Lloyd and Studiosus, before joining VW’s AUTOSTADT in Wolfsburg, as Head of Sales and Tourism in 2005.

He travels extensively throughout the UK and Ireland on his quest to meet people from all sectors of the tourism industry and regards both places as continually ‘inspiring and exciting’. With his team in London, he has also established one on the GNTO’s most prominent campaigns: ‘Discover Germany BarrierFree’ - a multi media campaign and specialist tourism website for accessible travel in Germany.

As a tourism expert, Klaus believes responsible tourism is key and that awareness of the environment should begin at school. This, with accessible tourism, will be vital to the global tourism industry in future.

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