Kimberley Leary

Squibble Ltd

Kimberley’s passion lies in-between branding and web design – and how the two can meet in the middle for a compelling online presence and a company identity visually and vividly mapped out. She can be found right at the centre of Squibble projects developing the user experience, for visitors who begin as a first time visitor, and end as a passionate (and paying) consumer.

Kimberley created Squibble back in 2010 – based on a fresh premise and a promise to merge innovative design with strategic branding planning and sales objectives. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious – and outside of client meetings, project brain storming and brand storyboarding sessions, Kim’s time is spent developing the next generation of entrepreneurs. As an executive board member for TAG Network, she supports, mentors and nurtures others onto success in business.

Kimberley is also Director of Commonwealth BusinessWomen. The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBW) works with women in business by connecting Governments and the private sector to encourage and enable women’s economic empowerment. Kimberley’s knowledge and experience supports the growth of this network as it expands across the 54 countries within the Commonwealth.

Kimberley currently resides in the creative heart of Birmingham, the Jewellery Quarter. She can be contacted at

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Going Digital Going Global

Discover how you can take your business global by improving your digital exposure. Kimberley will take you on a journey to discover tips and tricks to catapult you into the world of international business. She will also share her tried and tested methods to boost exposure through your website and social media campaigns. Is your goal to expand into a foreign marketplace? Then this seminar is for you.