Kath Sutherland

START Ability Services

Kath is an Equalities Consultant and the Founder of START Ability Services. She has been recognised with numerous accolades for her innovative work in removing the barriers to equal participation in society. Her work has been particularly focused on supporting people with impairments to gain access to appropriate support, information and advice for impairment related issues.

To this end, she has acted as Chair to several advocacy organisations and has been a member of various Steering Groups and Committees relating to health (NICE) and social care (SCIE), inclusive education, barriers to employment for disabled people, supporting people with learning difficulties and independent living strategies.

Kath is responsible for hosting an award winning national Work Advice Service, on behalf of the Association of Disabled Professionals and their Disabled Entrepreneurs’ Network. She has published research for the Economic and Social Research Council and is currently submitting her thesis for a Doctorate in Education highlighting the barriers faced and facilitation methods used to support people with learning difficulties (learning disabilities).

She has a particular interest in the facilitation of complete and comprehensive solutions to remove any presenting barriers to equality in participation, including those faced by people with complex health conditions and impairments.

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Working it out! Removing barriers to employment and self employment.

This seminar is aimed at disabled people, people with long term health conditions, employment support advisors, business advisors and statutory organisations, who want to consider practical ways of reducing and removing any barriers that are faced in the inclusion of disabled people in the work force. Many disabled people and people with long term health conditions find it difficult to find work or stay in a job. Many of these issues occur because of the impairment related barriers that people face. This seminar examines practical ways in which people can be supported to find and keep their jobs or to set up and run a successful business. We have many years of experience in supporting everyone with any form of impairment, to find, retain and progress in the full range of available work opportunities. Come and hear about how a practical, common sense approach can remove significant barriers.