Jonathan Papworth

Person Centred Software Ltd

Jonathan is one of the founders of Person Centred Software. He has been involved in IT since the late 1970’s, working as a software developer and business analyst across Europe.

In the early 1990’s he created an administration and income management system for care homes, and in 2002 he created a business to focus solely on the care sector. Person Centred Software brings Jonathan’s wealth of knowledge of technology and the care industry to electronic care.

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Why transparency of care improves outcomes

When Care Providers increase openness and transparency, they decrease the likelihood of complaints and increase the value of care. Studies show that the more transparent Care Providers are, the greater quality of care residents experience. Person Centred Software pioneer transparency, and provide the tools to enable sharing of care information in real-time. This talk will share the benefits and improved outcomes care homes have received from increased openness.