Jani Kakela

Avant Tecno Oy

Jani Kakela is member of the Kakela family that founded AVANT Tecno 25 years ago is currently the Vice President and in charge of the sales and marketing.

Jani has always been involved the product design, production, and international sales and marketing the versatile loaders worldwide. He has work both in Finland but also UK and Germany at AVANT Tecno’s daughter companies.

Jani had a life-threatening motorcycle racing accident during Spring 2014. After the accident, safety, accessibility, and ability to work again has a new meaning and now his passion is to fill the world with green compact loaders. And to give people the ability to work efficiently - again.

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Ability to Work

Ability to work is key to everyone. Jani Kakela will tell both his and Jamie’s story how the right tools will bring back the passion and motivation to the yard work, landscaping & forestry, and construction. As a worldwide leader in the compact loaders, Jani will showcase how a little machine, tailored to the paraplegic people, will change your way to work. Lately AVANT has been focusing on special needs, and designed options to enable all to be able to be active with machines again. You will get a good understanding how these extremely versatile machines can tackle all the jobs in your yard, woodland or company.