Ian Wilcox

MLL Telecom

Ian is leading MLL Telecom’s engagement with the Health community which has included an active role in the NHS Supplier Engagement Programme to develop the standards for HSCN (Health and Social Care Network – replacement for N3).

Ian has worked as a supplier of systems and services to Local and Central Government for over 25 years and as a customer working for Hampshire County Council for 13 years.

Previously Ian worked for 2 years in the Cabinet Office PSN Programme Team representing Local Government issues on a day to day basis in developing the PSN model and presenting the PSN proposition at Local Government events and workshops.

During his time in industry Ian managed the delivery and support of systems and services to Central and Local Government and the armed forces including high assurance networks and multi – level secure systems.

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What is HSCN and why is it of value?

Ian will give a brief non technical overview of HSCN to provide background for delegates who have little or no knowledge of HSCN. He will then go on to talk about the value that HSCN can offer to Care and Nursing Homes and the benefits of working with SMEs to deliver their HSCN services.