Holly Jenkins


Holly Jenkins, GM of Jiraffe and previously chair of the Children’s Equipment section of the BHTA. An expert in the paediatric postural management market Holly is passionate about changing the lives hundreds of thousands of disabled children in the UK.

With many years of experience working directly with children and their families Holly has seen first hand the devastating effects of under provision on the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable children. Working in conjunction with the BHTA Holly is proud to back this important and hard-hitting piece of research. Outside of work Holly can be found snowboarding, walking her dogs in the Peak District or relaxing with her family.

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Failing Disabled Children across the UK

Lack of funding for essential equipment can lead to greater problems later in a child’s life. This false economy is disadvantaging children and putting more strain on resources due to these often preventable conditions. The paper is designed to show how providing the right equipment to disabled children can help give them relief from pain and a more functional future while simultaneously benefitting the economy.