Glenn Smith & Oli Shelley


Glenn has nearly two decades of experience in the water sector, helping customers take advantage of competition throughout this time. This has included ventures such as Insets, alternative water suppliers and bespoke water treatment solutions. Glenn heads up Wave’s Industrial and Commercial Business Development team and a bid function that focuses on meeting customer needs. In a market where price is often a major factor, Glenn is keen to impress the benefits and need to focus on total value, not just price alone. This has led to significant growth within the retail market in England and Scotland.

Oli has over ten years’ experience in the water industry, holding various operational and customer service roles within retail and wholesale environments. Over the past four years, Oli has worked for Anglian Water Business developing their Active Water Management® and Water Performance Contracting approaches to help customers identify and fund water efficiency savings.

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Demystifying the water market: How to drive value and efficiencies

Since the market in England opened to competition in April 2017, business customers have been able to choose their water supplier. Glenn and Oli explain how to determine best value in the new market, including pricing methodologies and what you need to consider when tendering. They will also discuss the importance of operating more efficiently to reduce your costs and how to protect your business from unnecessary wastage.