Gary Hibberd

Agenci / GDPR Direct

Gary is a self-confessed ‘Cyber and GDPR Geek’. He’s passionate about helping people understand our Cyber universe, including all the positives and negatives it has to offer. He is a published author & international speaker, who runs a Consultancy of like-minded people, based in Yorkshire. Helping organisations benefit from good security is what he is all about, and he is now also working with Psychologists to understand the effects that Cyber is having on our society.

Gary’s passion and enthusiasm have been recognised by the Business Continuity and Cyber Security industry at the “Continuity, Insurance Risk” (CIR) in 2014 when he won the ‘BCM Personality of the year” award, & was shortlisted for ‘Cyber Security Personality of the Year’ in 2016/2017.

Gary and Agenci are now helping organisations small and large to prepare for the new GDPR, removing fear, uncertainty and doubt, and ensuring clients see the benefits of building a more secure business

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