Fiona Gosden & Gillian Moorhouse-Hoole

Gillian Moorhouse-Hoole has a passion for travel and has travelled extensively across the world. She is responsible for business development at and before that worked for an international travel company for 13 years.

It is a fantastic company to work for and very satisfying to make the world a more accessible place for everyone. Gillian said “It’s very exciting when we find new destinations or holiday types, e.g. Ski. I love accessible ski because it is one of those holidays that many people really think they’ll never enjoy again and they can. I really do get a thrill out of that”.

Fiona Gosden is the Disability Specialist at and is a wheelchair user with Ollier’s Disease. Fiona has travelled extensively throughout Europe and is excited about going even further afield as her confidence grows.

She is keen to support others with disabilities or health conditions to enjoy independence, gain confidence, and create happy memories by encouraging people to go on holiday.

Before I had experienced an accessible holiday, I felt overwhelmed by the thought of travelling abroad because of my previous experiences of the barriers and challenges I had faced. . I thought it was easier to accept that I would never explore the world like they could, but then I thought ‘how is that fair?

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Travel without limits

A fantastic opportunity to find out what is available within the accessible holiday market both in the UK, Overseas and Cruise. It will include what to consider when taking a holiday, pitfalls to avoid, travel tips and what our customers say works.