Fiona Brown

Bibetta Ltd

Fiona is the joint of owner of Bibetta with her husband Paul. Fiona has over 20 years of experience of designing systems and Managing IT projects in the Financial Services sector, before joining Bibetta. She joined the company full time to work with Paul (who is a Product Designer by Trade) using her business, financial and planning experience to build the business in the UK and globally. Paul and Fiona jointly design the products for the companies’ brands; Bibetta – Baby and children’s products and Care Designs – products for the Healthcare sector. Paul concentrates on designs, patterns and interfacing with factories whilst Fiona uses her skills as a seamstress to make prototypes.

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Designing for Dignity

We would like to share with you our journey and challenges that we have experienced in designing Healthcare products from starting out with Baby products. During our seminar we aim to answer the following questions; What is the Dignity in Care Campaign and how does this relate to products we design for the Healthcare sector? What’s different about designing Healthcare products versus Baby Products? How has Bibetta tackled this and what does the future hold?