Dom Smith

Soundsphere Magazine

Dom Smith is a music journalist and entrepreneur who, among other things during his seven year career has been lucky enough to win a National Diversity Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence (within the Disability category), and be called one of the hundred happiest people in the country according to the Independent On Sunday.

Dom’s written for the likes of NME, Metro, The Quietus and T3 across the music, lifestyle and tech sectors.

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Wobblin’ About and Rockin’ Out

Wobblin’ About And Rockin’ Out is about challenging perceptions and expectations of what people with a range of disabilities are capable of, with particular focus on my own experiences building a career attending rock music concerts and festivals, interviewing renowned bands and artists while taking great pride in mentoring young people (with and without disabilities) to do cool stuff with their lives in and around the field of music journalism, and in the start-up business sphere.