Clare Jones

Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC)

I work for the Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC) a registered charity which is one of a number of Driving Mobility accredited mobility centres throughout the UK.

I lead a team of Occupational Therapists who work closely with Driving Advisers to assess clients’ medical fitness to drive and advise on vehicle adaptations for driving and accessing a vehicle. We also offer some paediatric services including; Bugzi assessment, Tryb4uFly and a child car seat clinic.

I am an associate tutor for the Chester University accredited course for mobility practitioners called, ‘Driving Assessment and Outdoor Mobility’.
My Occupational Therapy work background has covered hospital discharge planning, neurological rehabilitation and housing adaptations.

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Driving Assessment and vehicle adaptations – possibilities, the Law, individual needs

Driving is an important occupation to many people. Over 45 million people in the UK hold a drivers’ licence. Independent mobility for a lot of people includes being able to drive, whether conventionally or with driver adaptations. Mobility centres around the United Kingdom support people to retain their ability to drive or to get back to driving after an accident or illness or to learn to drive. In some circumstances safe driving may be affected, particularly where there may be serious cognitive issues and the challenge now is to support people who are no longer safe to drive. This seminar will outline the possibilities in terms of driving with a medical condition, legal responsibilities placed on the licence holder to inform DVLA and how mobility centres meet individual needs for recommendations on vehicle adaptations.