Aidan Parr

UK Assistive Technology News

Aidan is the Founder of UK Assistive Technology News, a news and information site for assistive technology in the UK. He has worked in assistive technology (AT) for nearly twenty years with a variety of roles: tech support for communication aids, computer access and telecare. He’s probably best knows as the co-author of several parliamentary reports about AT research and innovation at Foundation for Assistive Technology (FAST).

Aidan has a PGDE in adult learning and a passion for supporting people to make informed choices about their autonomy and independence, whether that involves technology or not. He also works for Brain in Hand, delivering specialistic for people with autism and Asperger’s who are in university or employment.

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"Assistive Technology Innovation: how do we get it out into the community?"

There’s a diverse range of fantastic and innovative assistive technology (AT) products and services developed in the UK and across the world, but the general public are usually not aware of their existence. In the UK, we are mostly reliant on statutory services to provide AT. We are all aware of the current stresses on health and social care with an ageing population and more living longer with a long-term condition. If UK households with a disabled member have a spending power of £249 billion, isn’t it about time we encouraged them to be confident and aware purchasers of their own AT solutions?