Adam Hyland


Adam Hyland is a campaigner and social entrepreneur. After graduating with a first class honours degree in Internet and Communication Systems, Adam was also awarded the Vice Chancellors Award and the DEC (Design, Electronic and Computing) Award. Adam was elected President of the University of Bournemouth Students Union before being elected to a two-year term as NUS National Disabled Students Officer.

Adam then co-founded Diversity and Ability, an end-user led social enterprise that provides individualised support for disabled learners. Adam is Campaigns and Equalities Director for Diversity and Ability. Adam has for publications including the Journal of Inclusive Practice in Further and Higher Education.

Adam will be speaking alongside Robert McLaren.

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How Disabled Students Make Their Technology Assistive

No technology is assistive if its left unused; and any kind of technology can be assistive if disabled learners use it to overcome barriers to access. This talk explains the key factors that determine whether a student makes assistive use of their technology. We draw on our own experience as end users, and our experience engaging students in their own journey of enablement