Elaine Brichard

Hampshire Country Council

Elaine is an Occupational Therapist who works for a local authority, based at an integrated, independent equipment store. She supports both health and social care professionals in the community with complex moving and handling, advises on equipment, designs and delivers training around equipment and moving and handling.

She has a post graduate qualification in Back Care and a PGCE. For six years she sat on the executive committee of National Back Exchange, the last two years as Chairman. Prior to that she was Chairman of the local group affiliated to NBE. She has presented at the NBE conference, DLF conference and the OT show. Elaine has had articles published in the NBE publication, the Column.

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Legs into beds – back to basics

Many people have difficulty getting their legs into bed and their carers/partners seek help from health professionals. In this seminar I will be exploring this common problem and going back to basics using a manual handling questions tool designed by the late April Brooks to determine capability. I will look at different types of equipment available to aid the person, starting at independent movement up to how those caring from them can give assistance.