Damien Mckeaveney

Autumn UK

Damien has worked in the medical devices sector for over 30 years and has accrued a wealth of knowledge in respect of the needs of healthcare professionals and their clients. He has spent a large proportion of his time client facing to best appreciate how to help promote independence as well as deliver essential care for the carer.

Having worked in a number of roles that focused on collaboration with the public sector he acquired insight to the complex route to markets that prevail and has an appreciation for the need to introduce innovative solutions to challenging issues. Damien has managed the sales operations for a number of leading healthcare industry companies and has gained valuable insight to product development and the changing landscape that is today’s health service.

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Autumn UK’s Tru Cubicles - a flexible adaptation

A flexible alternative to a permanent adaptation Never before has so much expectation and demand been placed at the door of provider organisations due to the growth in our ageing population. Autumn UK’s re-usable shower/toilet cubicle is helping in end of life scenarios where a speedy solution to encourage discharge is sought and where a housing organisation seeks to better accommodate the varied needs of their client base not least make their budgets go further.