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UPS Systems plc

UPS Systems are the UK`s leading independent supplier of standby power and occupy a unique position in the provision of back-up power solutions to businesses of all sizes.

We can consult on all your power requirements and are able to supply products or hybrid solutions incorporating Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Generators and now fuel cells to create a bespoke system to meet your needs.

Being completely independent of any one manufacturer provides our customers with access to the UK`s widest selection of standby power brands and products in the market place.

Combining this with our uniquely consultative approach means that we can provide an unbiased and bespoke service to every customer, choosing those products based only on their ability to do a job so that when combined they match a specification and budget perfectly.

When it comes to providing service and repair services we can provide a cost-effective, easy to manage single supplier solution, as we are able to maintain equipment from the widest selection of UPS, Generator and Fuel Cell manufacturers.

As technologies have advanced so have UPS Systems and we are also now able to offer the widest selection of power systems incorporating fuel cell technology. These range from small portable units ideal for remote power applications to stationary standby and prime power solutions. This exciting technology is often thought of as power 'of the future, but UPS Systems can offer many truly commercial solutions today!

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