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Like Q to 007: All heroes need a bulletproof toolkit

The reality at many care homes is that an increased workload and heaps of paperwork take away the time available for the residents. Digital care planning supports staff in care delivery, enhancing the workflow to ensure care that is based on the individual needs of each resident.

[More time for care]
Sekoia consists of tablets with customised apps that are used for each resident. The tablets provide access to all the information needed, right where it is needed - at the point of care. The result is personalised care, fewer mistakes and greater job satisfaction.

[User-friendliness above all]
Providing the carers with an overview of their work enables an improved day-to-day management. Recording health data, sharing information and reporting observations happens at the touch of a button. Everyone can use Sekoia supported by our e-learning guide and a universe of preempted content - with no pre-requisite of technical know-how.

[Implementation vs. Installation]
Our implementation crew helps care staff and management up and running during a tailored course, seeing superusers and admins emerge is a joy, providing service and support for the rest of the organisation. Sekoia users are typically up and running within short time handling care planning with an unexpected speed and compliance.

[Facts & Figures]

33% less time spent on administration
Sekoia customers are making reductions to staff time spend on paperwork and documentation. This often converts into compliance, business case and more time for resident care.

50% fewer mistakes
Most care homes reduce the number of incidents and accidents, by preventing loss of information at handover to colleagues or temporary staff. Digital workflow enables a better care quality, by access to easy observation registration and data pattern analysis. Some organisations up to ninety percent.

1,500,000 care tasks a month
Sekoia is rolled out at more than 100 care homes supporting 13.000 users in their care delivery.

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