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Oxehealth Limited

Oxehealth - transforming elderly care

Oxehealth gives you more time for hands-on care where and when it`s needed most. An assistant for when you can`t be there, paying attention to every room.

Oxehealth is the first company in the world to provide, medical-grade vital signs and human activity monitoring, totally contact-free, using standard optical sensors.

Our pioneering software is a breakthrough in reducing the risk of falls in dementia and elderly care environments. The system immediately alerts staff if a patient`s safety is compromised, reducing the risk of injury resulting from a fall.
By analysing the signal from a standard digital camera, our software detects fine movements that the eye can`t see, maintaining patient privacy. This enables nurses, doctors and carers to accurately monitor heart rate and breathing rate without the need to disturb the patients with a contact medical device.
We also provide activity tracking (bathroom dwell time/in and out of bed patterns) and sleep reports which integrate seamlessly into current workflows allowing better informed clinical judgements and care interventions. These are transformative tools that empower clinicians and carers to respond and intervene quickly, where they are needed most.

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