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Providing an innovative medical bracelet for use in care homes and other settings, MediRead is the trading name of Shukra Ltd., a company set up to develop products of real value to the elderly and to those with medical conditions.
Our MediRead medical bracelets provide a quick and easy way of accessing a patient`s medical details simply by scanning for a couple of seconds with a smartphone. They work in conjunction with the free MediRead smartphone app that is used for both reading from and writing to the bracelet.
The patient`s data is held physically on the bracelet and there is no reliance on any third-party to store or provide access to the information when needed. There is no number to call or website to log on to. Being light-weight, waterproof and durable, these bracelets can be worn at all times if required. They are cost-effective too as they are a one-time purchase with no ongoing subscription fees
MediRead bracelets can be of great use in care homes and other settings. They provide an additional safety net over-and-above existing protocols and can reduce the possibility, however remote, of medication errors. During handovers or when there are temporary staff catering to the needs of the patients, the fact that the correct medication details are always readily available can be a boon. Should residents have to leave the premises for any reason, the vital information on these bracelets is potentially life-saving in case of any emergency.
The wearer's details are entered onto the bracelet using the app's intuitive user-interface. Information that can be stored and retrieved includes:
- Name, age, blood type
- Doctor/GP contact details if relevant
- Emergency contact numbers
- Full list of medications, dosage and frequency
- Any allergies along with symptoms
- Any additional information that might be significant to nursing or medical staff
The MediRead app provides other useful functions. In situations where one-to-one care is being provided, the reminders function can ensure that the correct medication schedule is being adhered to. In addition, an email function enables the patient`s essential medical information to be sent to a doctor, pharmacist or family member in a matter of seconds, saving time and reducing errors.
Apart from their utility in nursing homes, care homes and assisted living facilities, MediRead bracelets are also of use to people who engage in active outdoor pursuits such as hill-walking or climbing; to those who travel or go on cruises and whenever there is any king of language barrier. They do not need internet connectivity and will work even where mobile signals are weak or non-existent. In some emergency situations, the easily-accessed information on the MediRead bracelet could prove life-saving.
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