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Hip Impact Protection

Fall-­Safe® hip protector pads provide absolute hip protection in falls by absorbing 80% of the force and are so soft and comfortable to wear that people forget they are wearing them in a few minutes. They are secured gently in position either with pocketed pants, or with a new double-­sided breathable adhesive film, which has been specifically designed and developed (by 3M) for the purpose. It is unique to the company and, in trials in care homes, more popular with wearers than pants.
To detect all falls and monitor wearer activity, a sensor with accelerometer is embedded in the pads and sends an alarm message or call to an emergency centre to prevent dangerous `long-lies`. It also accurately counts the wearer`s steps and sends an alarm if no activity occurs in a 24-hour period. Because it is positioned on the hip - the most stable part of the body - the accuracy and reliability of both functions is much greater than that achieved by pendants or wristwatch--type devices. The sensor links by Bluetooth to an Android mobile, or powerful hub.
The company has developed the technology to continuously assess the wearer`s gait in real-time so that if anomalies in cadence or stride length are detected, for example, alarm messages are sent. This is the first time that this has been done. Furthermore the characteristics of the fall, such as time/date, location, direction of fall and its force are captured and transmitted to a falls database on the cloud. This unique development enables researchers to identify common fall characteristics and use them to produce predictors to prevent future falls, for a demonstration see as an example of what can be achieved.
These extraordinary capabilities are developed, operational and patent-protected in the UK, USA and shortly, Europe. Because of the high cost of hip operations and rehabilitation @ £30,000+, the provision of the device to all frequent fallers would produce an RoI for the NHS of over 15 times. There are >2,300 hip fractures in NHS hospitals p.a, with >75,000 pa in the UK and 300,000 in the USA (CDC).

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