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First For Energy

Experts in arranging tailored Energy solutions for care homes of all shapes and sizes!
The average care home has anywhere between 30-50 expenses and outgoings to take care of each month, with Energy being just one of them. There are 50, yes 50, commercial energy suppliers operating in the Uk at this moment in time. Without having access to the market, it`s impossible to know if you are getting the best value possible from your energy contracts. This is the first thing FFE can help with.
Our customer focused services do however extend far beyond straight forward procurement.
Our services include -
1. Energy health check - A consultative questionnaire, focused on 4 key areas. Upon completion, you will be provided with our analysis via email. This is yours to do with as you wish, and when we say there is no obligation, we mean it. No letters of authority required for this, and less than 5 minutes of your time.
2. Customer service throughout your contract - Our commitment to our customers is that we are happy to be as involved as you want us to be. Need your bill checking every month? No problem. Don`t want to hear from us until renewal? No problem. But when something unexpected crops up or you need advice or just fancy a chat with one of our friendly experts we will ALWAYS be ready to assist.
3. Revenue recovery - get back money you may have unwittingly overspent! In 2017, one of our experts was responsible for reclaiming in excess of £300,000 in overspends for just one client alone!
4. Fully managed meter installation or removal services - extending, moving or building from scratch? We can help manage this tricky process.
5. Energy management systems - Want to keep track of your consumptions on demand, and look at areas where reductions can be made? This could be the ideal solution for you.
6. Industry insight - Do you know when to buy, or have your finger on the pulse of favourable movements in the market? Don`t worry, we`re here to back you up and help you buy when the time is right!
We believe our approach to price, service and care along with our deep experience within the care industry make us a perfect choice for all of your energy needs.

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