Exhibiting at the Dementia Care & Nursing Home Expo

Eldercare Group Ltd

Ever had a private fee-payer run out of money whilst in your care? More and more Care Providers are, understandably, looking to grow their share of the private fee-payer market but it is essential that self-funders are given access to independent specialist advice, such as that provided by Eldercare, otherwise they could end up running out of money and falling back on Local Authority funding. This leaves the Care Provider in the awkward position of having to ask for a third-party top-up, taking a significant drop in income or having to serve notice.

We can provide self-funders with information about a little known option, a care fees annuity, which (when affordable and appropriate) means care fees can be met for life, giving peace of mind to the individual and the Care Provider.

85% of self-funders never get to find out about this option - we can change this statistic by working together to increase awareness. We can provide your prospective residents with free, no-obligation advice. All you need to do is give them one of our leaflets or direct them to our website and the feedback we get is that they will be very grateful to find us!

For a supply of our leaflets, free of charge, come and collect from our stand or just call 0800 082 1155 quoting `Dementia Care & Nursing Homes Expo`.

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