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deister electronic (UK) Ltd

Ensure peace of mind for safety and protection of residents, staff, equipment and information whilst maintaining the privacy and dignity of residents. This also reduces administration to free up staff time to spend with residents, improving their quality of life.

This can be done in a number of ways such as monitoring residents prone to wandering to reduce time locating them or by managing keys and equipment so staff always know where they are and are not using valuable time looking for them.

We can also help to prevent important equipment and information from leaving the building when it should not and save time on paper based systems for signing keys and equipment in and out. Or solutions also ensure access to both the building and areas within it is tightly managed via our range of on and offline access control systems and wireless door locking..

Our solutions can all be integrated and easily managed centrally via our Commander Connect software that provides fully automatic and accurate auditing leading to increased accountability within the home.

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