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Camelot Real Estate Management

While properties stand vacant, there is a higher risk of vandalism, squatting and maintenance issues. This can be costly to owners and detrimental to the community.

Our cost-effective vacant property services ensure your property is 100% protected, occupied and serviced!

We can help protect your property in 3 ways

1. Property Guardians
The cost neutral security solution!
Secure your vacant property against criminal damage, vandalism and squatting by placing Property Guardians in temporary residence.
As well as discouraging intruders, this solution negates your empty property insurance costs and makes sure maintenance matters can be spotted and dealt with promptly.

2. Security Services
Protect your property from crime and other risks with our physical and electronic security services, including:
• Wireless CCTV systems
• Void alarms
• Manned guarding
• 360 degree CCTV watchtower

3. Property Management
We create tailor-made property management packages for our clients across the public and private sector.

Our packages can include:
• Utility management
• Fire safety assessments
• Managing tenancy and lettings
• Maintenance services
• Identification and resolution of maintenance issues

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