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Architectonicus, wellbeing and ability centred architects, specialists in dementia and nursing care design. We have been developing a world`s first approach to care through a new form of evidence based care model and environment.

The research base for this new meaningful activity & wellbeing focused approach is drawn from my Co-Director's Travelling Fellowship, which was used to visit some of the world's most acclaimed experts and environments of care and recovery, as well as much study of research documents on wellbeing, cognition, cognitive bias, neuroscience and effect of different daily activities and lifestyles.

If you are planning re-development and extension of existing buildings, or a new build itself, and would consider a new highly evidence based approach we are happy to meet with you, should you feel it appropriate, and present our concept. We are convinced that outstanding care and good quality of life can be better, easier and more fun to achieve.

We have the design model and care model, the costs for the building and the evidence base demonstrating that it will be cheaper to deliver better care, better quality of life, better community integration, lower staff turnover, far easier to attain the 7 features of outstanding care as identified by the Care Quality Commission.

Residential care on our model will no longer be scary, but rather will be affordable, repeatable, recognisable and life changing. We want to work with organisations willing to re-think existing systems and prove that care can be so much better and more meaningful.

Rapid and economic to build, all the evidence points towards this new model working better than any dementia specialist residential care that we are aware of anywhere. It would be easily possible for this to evolve for use in other forms of care, supported living and day centres.

It`s easy to get in touch with us. We operate across the country and are able to support clients on projects of all sizes.

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