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GrandCare technology provides care staff and family members with the opportunity to proactively manage the care of individuals through a range of innovative features including social communication, scheduling, reminders, medication prompts and web-based entertainment. Optional wireless activity sensors, environment sensors and digital health devices can be used with the system if required and can help care staff to manage care through its ability to notify if anything seems amiss.

User interface is through a large touchscreen which provides access to a range of different functions including:

• In-built secure Skype like calling system
• Carer communication/care plans
• Social communication - emailing function, image libraries
• Scheduling system - medication, food/drink reminders, activities
• Calendar
• Activities - access to favourite websites, music, talking books
• Health and wellbeing readings - weight, blood pressure, oxygen levels
• Contact, motion and pressure sensors - fully customisable alongside alerts

Each feature can be used independently or work together to improve outcomes and reduce the amount of care support required.

Also on stand is Vitalerter, a device which can predict and alert on health deterioration and vital signs. A contactless device, Vitalerter lives under an individual`s mattress to continuously monitor vital signs including heart-rate, respiration rate and body motion, along with oxygen levels and body temperate to help assist care organisations with their long-term care.

For residential care, individual devices can be managed through a central monitoring dashboard, providing carers with access to real-time, actionable information from anywhere. Whether in a central monitoring room, where alerts can signal something isn`t quite right, to an on-the-go tablet for bedside analysis with the most up to date vital signs, the monitoring dashboard enables a real-time view of resident`s current medical state.

Completing the tech round up is U-Drain - an innovative drainage system which completely replaces the need for night drainage bags and bottles. Fitted by experts, U-drain is nearly completely hidden behind walls, with just a socket the size of a plug on show. The socket is connected to the house drainage system so fluid can easily drain away behind the scenes and removes the need for night drainage bags, giving an individual a much more dignified night`s sleep and reducing the need for someone to come in every two hours.

An easy device to use, individual`s or carers can connect the urostomy appliance or leg bag to the wall socket at night, and any urine or dialysis fluid flows away effortlessly. Carers can simply disconnect in the morning and use a specialist syringe to flush the tubing with water and disinfectant.

Bringing all of the technology together is ATEL, a system solution provider whose integration systems allows for different pieces of assistive technology to work together and actively help to reduce the amount of human care an individual requires.

The company works with local authorities, care providers and specialist property developers from the planning stage onwards to ensure buildings have the right infrastructure in place to easily adapt to a range of needs and disabilities.
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